• case cx210 excavator rental equipment
  • case cx210 excavator rental equipment
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CASE Construction CX210B Excavator available for rent from Rent1

Demolition ready excavator rentals: Can guarding and hydraulic thumbs are available on select machines.

Power: The Izuzu 4HK1X is a turbo charged engine with 157 hp @ 1800 rpm. It is U.S. EPA Tier 3 certified and is charge air aftercooled.

Versatile: The CX210B excavator rental is the mid-range of the CX B series from Case Construction. It’s for both big and small jobs, and is best used on sites where both are required.

Comfort: The new B series cab on the CASE CX210B excavator rental is an extremely comfortable and designed with ergonomics in mind. Also, the B series excavators from CASE are known for being the quietest machines on the market, even at full throttle.

What can you do with a CASE Construction CX210B excavator rental?

  • Larger commercial or residential structure demolition
  • Dig up sewage pipes or electrical conduit
  • Break up large areas of concrete with the hammer attachment
  • Backfill trenches
  • Dig trenches
  • Prepare grounds for landscaping
  • Remove debris from construction sites
  • Remove larger trees or stumps
  • Load sand and gravel

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KOMTRAX equipped excavator rentals will relay error codes, cautions, maintenance items, fuel levels, and much more.



Engine make / modelISUZU 4HK1X
Net power @ RPM157 hp (117 kW) @ 1800 rpm
Peak torque @ RPM463 lb-ft (628 N-m) @ 1500 rpm
Cylinders / displacement4 / 317 cu inch (5.2 l)
Max travel speed, fwd3.5 mph (5.6 kph)
Draw bar pull42,534 lbf (189.2 kN)
Shoe width31.5" (800 mm)
Shoe ground pressure5.2 psi (36 kPa)
Main pumps total flow2 x 55.7 gpm (2 x 211 l/min)
Relief pressure, main4,975 psi (34.3 MPa)
Relief pressure, boost5,337 psi (36.8 MPa)
Swing speed11.5 rpm
Max dig depth21’ 10” (6 650 mm)
Reach at ground level31’ 11” (9 730 mm)
Reach at 8' depth21’ 2.0” (6 470 mm)
Dump height22’ 4.0” (6 810 mm)
Lift over end 10' (3050 mm)19,000 lb (8 618 kg)
Lift over end 20' (6100 mm)14,500 lb (6 577 kg)
Lift over side 10' (3050 mm)19,000 lb (8 618 kg)
Lift over side 20' (6100 mm)8,850 lb (4 014 kg)
Boom length18’ 8.0” (5 700 mm)
Arm length9’ 8.0” (3 040 mm)
Arm breakout force24,728 lbf (110 kN)
Transport width10’ 6” (3 200 mm)
Transport length30’ 10” (9 400 mm)
Transport height9’ 9.0” (2 970 mm)
Tail swing radius9’ 0.0” (2 750 mm)
Minimum ground clearance18.0” (460 mm)
Operating weight47,400 lb (21 500 kg)
Fuel tank108.3 gal (410 l)
Cooling system6.77 gal (25.6 l)
Hydraulic system63 gal (240 l)

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