EC05B-R Tilt Rotator

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EC05B-R Tiltrotator Attachment Rental from Rent1

The EC05b-R tiltrotator attachment comes with a mini excavator rental. This piece is a wired attachment that requires electrical work to place onto the arm of a mini excavator. It can be rented depending the specific needs of your job.

Why a tiltrotator attachment rental from Rent1?

Tiltrotator attachments allow for a broader range of work that your excavator can do. See below for just some of the jobs you can improve on with a EC05b-R tiltrotator rental from Rent1

  • Achieve much higher productivity with your mini excavator rental
  • Ability to dig around poles, closer to foundations
  • Avoid hitting pipes, wiring and other sensitive infrastucture you can’t remove
  • Experienced excavator operators all say that tiltrotator attachments improve productivity by up to 25%
Weight (Kg)from 155
Tilt Range2x40
Recommended Hydraulic Flow SS5/SS10 (l/min)40
Recommended Hydraulic Flow SS9 tilt/rotation (I/min)15/30
Max Hydraulic Pressure (MPa)22
Standard mountingss40 s45
Max bucket width recommended by engcon (mm):1200
Max tensile stress (kNm)45
Base machine weight (t)3-5