John Deere 318D

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If you’re looking for a productive Skid Steer to rent for a commercial or residential project then the John Deere 318D Skid Rentals makes a great choice.

Power: The 318D Skid Steer’s Turbocharged 2.4L diesel engine delivers 58 HP and allows you to carry loads of up to 1800 lbs. (The 318D’s Tipping Load is 3,600 lbs.)

Visibility: As with the John Deere 317D Skid Steer Rental), the 318D’s superior visibility gives you a clear view of the bucket and the tire edges. (Helpful in close quarters).

Superior bucket angle: As with the 317D, the 318D’s 40-degree dump angle allows the bucket to empty all content (including sticky material).

Comfort: As with the John Deere 317D skid steer, the 318D’s sculptured high back seat will help you keep productivity high.

Reliability: When you rent a Skid Steer like the John Deere 318D you don’t have to worry about performance and reliability. As an example, the 318D’s heavy‚Äźduty drive chains never need adjusting and the battery is maintenance free.

What can you do with a John Deere 318D Skid Steer rentals?

  • Backfill trenches
  • Dig trenches
  • Prepare grounds for landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Remove debris from construction sites
  • Fence pole installation
  • Sod removal
  • Clear land and load rubbish bins
  • Plant trees
  • Remove stumps
  • Load pickup trucks, hoppers and spreaders
  • Grade and level driveways
  • Load sand and gravel
  • Brush cutting

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