50% off your first year with a mobile power distribution station

50% off your first year with a mobile power distribution station

Reliable and secure temporary power solutions for your jobsite

Submit your request below to receive 50% off the first year of your Tekamo Power mobile power distribution station

Rent1 and Tekamo Power have partnered together to offer this massive discount on temporary power for your construction site, residential development project, movie set, or live event.

Tekamo Power distribution stations provide a safer and far more productive jobsite and help you avoid the costly delays caused by unreliable and non-maintained power lines. After a quick and simple consultation, an experienced Tekamo Power Specialist will set up your mobile power distribution station giving you a single station to power:

  • Site offices and trailers
  • Cranes and elevators
  • Pumps and water treatment systems
  • Sub panels and access points
  • Welder, concrete saw, or coring machines
  • Lighting and heating needs
  • Security and motion-sensing cameras
  • Anything else you need to plug in!

The mobile power solution can even provide a high-speed data connection, sending a WiFi signal for workstations, contractors, and employees.

Request your power solution by contacting us below:

    Visit the Tekamo Power website to learn more about deploying a reliable and secure temporary power solution on your jobsite.