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Do you need to rent a Compact Track Loader CTL (Rubber Track Skid Steer) for a commercial or residential project?  If so, consider renting John Deere 329D. If you’re looking for more power and lifting capacity than the 323D, the John Deere 329D Compact Track Loader might be your best bet.

Tracks vs. Tires: Why rent a Compact Track Loader vs. a skid steer?

  • A Compact Track Loader’s (Rubber Track Skid Steer) superior stability is excellent for working on slopes with uneven terrain or surfaces with loose gravel, mud or soft ground. (Places a skid steer would likely get stuck)
  • The John Deere 329D tracks distribute the loader’s weight evenly (at 5 psi) minimizing ground pressure. Result? Minimal damage to sensitive surfaces and under-structure such as soil, lawns, and pipes.
  • No flat tires...

Powerful: The 329D’s 5 cylinder engine delivers 85 HP (vs. 74 HP for the 323D), allows you to carry loads of up to 2,900 lbs. (vs. 2,295 lbs. for the John Deere 323D Compact Track Skid Steer Loader Rental). The 329D’sTipping Load is 8,300 lbs. vs. 7,175 lbs. for the 323D.

Visibility: Industry-leading 360-degree visibility provides enhanced productivity and safety.

Superior bucket angle: The 45-degree dump angle allows the bucket to empty all content (including sticky material).

Comfort: The John Deere 329D’s sculptured high back seat will help you keep productivity high.

What can you do with a John Deere 329D Compact Track Loader Rental (Rubber Track Skid Steer Rentals)?

  • Backfill trenches
  • Dig trenches
  • Prepare grounds for landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Remove debris from construction sites
  • Fence pole installation
  • Sod removal
  • Clear land and load rubbish bins
  • Plant trees
  • Remove stumps
  • Load pickup trucks, hoppers and spreaders
  • Grade and level driveways
  • Load sand and gravel

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Emission RatingTier 3
Engine Make / Engine ModelJohn Deere / PowerTech E 5030 HT
Net Power, kW (hp) @ Rated rpm59.6 (80) @ 2000
Gross Power, kW (hp)63.4 (85)
Net Peak Torque, N-m (lb-ft)not published
Displacement, L (cu in)3 (186)
Engine AspirationTurbo. intercooled
Fuel Capacity, L (gal)111 (29)


Standard Pump Flow, L/min (gpm)80 (21)
Optional High Flow, L/min (gpm)125 (33)
System Pressure, kPa (psi)23787 (3450)
Hydraulic power, kW (hp)34.3 (46)
Optional high flow hydraulic power, kW (hp)53.7 (72)


SAE Rated Operating Capacity, kg (lb)1317 (2900)
Tipping Load, standard, kg (lb)3765 (8300)
Breakout Force Boom, kN (lb)20.5 (4600)
Breakout Force Bucket, kN (lb)46 (10325)
Vertical lift geometryYes


Maximum Ground Speed, standard, kph (mph)10 (6.2)
Two Speed Transmission Ground Speed, kph (mph)12.6 (7.8)
Standard Rubber Track Width mm (in)400 (15.8)
Ground Pressure, Standard Track, kPa (psi)34.3 (5)
Track Guage, center to center, mm (in)1600 (64)


Length with Bucket, mm (in)3600 (142)
Length Without Bucket, mm (in)2990 (118)
Width Without Bucket, mm (in)2000 (79)
Height to ROPS, mm (in)2150 (85)
Height to Hinge Pin, mm (in)3200 (126)
Dump Height, mm (in)2590 (102)
Dump Reach, mm (in)1000 (39)
Dump Angle, degrees45
Bucket Rollback @ ground, degrees35
Ground Clearance, mm (in)265 (10.4)
Angle of Departure, degrees32


SAE Operating Weight, kg (lb)4917 (10830)