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CASE Construction CX225 MSR Excavator available for rent from Rent1

Demolition ready excavator rentals: when you rent a CASE CX225 MSR from Rent1, it will come equipped with full cab guarding and a hydraulic thumb.

Power: The Izuzu 4HK1X is a turbo charged engine with 153 hp @ 1800 rpm. It is U.S. EPA Tier 3 certified and is charge air aftercooled.

Versatile: The CX225 excavator rental is the upper echilon of the mid-range of the CX series excavator rentals from Case Construction. The CX225 thrives on job sites where careful movement is the only option, such as digging a swimming pool in a residential area. Operators have said it has the performance of a 20-metric-ton machine and a work envelope of a 7-metric-ton standard configuration excavator. A track shoe width of only 23.6 inches allows for the CX225 MSR excavator rental to be maneuver in tight spaces very easily.

Hydraulics: ISO patttern pilot controls, position mode selector and power boost options on the hydraulics of the CX225 MSR rental make it a superb choice for power and efficiency.

What can you do with a CASE Construction CX225 MSR excavator rental?

  • Larger commercial or residential structure demolition
  • Dig up sewage pipes or electrical conduit
  • Break up large areas of concrete with the hammer attachment
  • Backfill trenches
  • Dig trenches
  • Prepare grounds for landscaping
  • Remove debris from construction sites
  • Remove larger trees or stumps
  • Load sand and gravel

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KOMTRAX equipped excavator rentals will relay error codes, cautions, maintenance items, fuel levels, and much more.



Emission Rating Tier 3
Engine make / model Isuzu 4 HKIX
Net Power - hp (kW) 153 (114.4)
Rated rpm - rpm 1800
Net Peak Torque - lbf / ft (Nm) 454 (616)
Max speed - mph (kph) 3.1 (5)
Max. Drawbar pull - lbf (kN) 42039 (187)
Track shoe width - inches (mm) 23.6 (600)
Ground Pressure - Std. Pad - PSI (kPa) 5.37 (34)
Main pumps total flow - gallons (US) / min (lt/min) 100.3 (380)
Relief pressure, main - PSI (bar) 4970 (343)
Swing Speed - rpm 10.6
Boom length - ft/in (m) 18 ft 8 in (5.7)
Arm length - ft/in (mm) 9 ft 10 in (3000)
Arm breakout force, normal - lbf (kN) 29230 (130)
Rating standard ISO 6015
Max. Dig Depth - ft/in (mm) 22 ft (6700)
Reach at ground level - ft/in (mm) 31 ft 11 in (9730)
Depth of 8' bottom - ft/in (mm) 21 ft 5 in (6520)
Dump Height - ft/in (mm) 26 ft 4 in (8020)
Lift over end, 10' (3 050 mm) radius - lbs (kg) 18569 (8423)
Lift over end, Max. reach - lbs (kg) 6019 (2730)
Lift over side, 10' (3050 mm) radius - lbs (kg) 18569 (8423)
Lift over side, Max. reach - lbs (kg) 4617 (2094)
Bucket breakout force, normal - lbf (kN) not published
Blade std or opt Standard
Tail Swing Radius - ft/in (mm) 5 ft 8 in (1720)
Ground Clearance - inches (mm) 18 (460)
Operating Weight - lbs (kg) 53793 (24400)

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