Quick Clear Grapple Rod Bucket

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Quick Clear™ Grapple Rod Bucket Quick Attach® Rental from Rent1

The Quick Clear Grapple Rod Bucket from Rent1 is one of our best skid steer attachment rentals. It slides undernearth the top lair of dirt and picks up medium to large pieces of debris and filters out small stuff, like dirt. It’s the perfect skid steer attachment rental for clearing the ground and helping make it into a nice, smooth surface. This attachment rental is ideal for landscaping projects because it can clear, extract, dig and sift, all in one tool. The Quick Clear Grapple Rod Bucket is the attachment rental you want once you’re in the clearing phase for your landscaping project.

Skid steer rentals are almost always accompanied by an attachment depending on the type of job you need it for. Check the list below and see if the Quick Clear Grapple Rod Bucket attachment rentals is right for you.

The Quick Clear™ Grapple Rod Bucket Skid Steer Attachment Rental from Rent 1 is ideal for the following jobs:

  • Clear bushes and rocks and filters out small debris from large amounts of dirt
  • 2-3,000 lb hydraulic cylinders allow pickup of large, heavy debris
  • Shallow digging, extraction, grabbing and sifting in one convenient tool.
  • Post-demolition clean up of smaller materials.
  • It leaves the dirt behind and picks up what’s no longer needed on the site.

Features of the Quick Clear Attachment Rental from Rent1

  • Quick attach rentals fit almost any skid steer.
  • T-1 steel teeth nearly three times stronger than regular steel
  • 2 – 3,000 lb. hydraulic cylinders
  • Clearing, digging, and sifting all in one skid steer attachment rental.

Skid Steer Attachment Rentals in Vancouver

Rent1 provides a wide selection of skid steer rentals and skid steer attachment rentals to suit your needs. We provide equipment delivery throughout the Lower Mainland. We even have skilled operators with years of experience ready to help you get the job done. Whatever your heavy equipment needs, Rent1 can provide a solution. Call us today.

Operating Weight900#950#1000#
Overall Width62"70"78"
Width Between Rods3.125"3.125"3.125"
Width Between Lower Teeth8.50"9.75"9.25"
Height with Teeth Closed37.6"37.6"37.6"
Height with Teeth Open48.34"48.34"48.34"
Maximum Opening48"48"48"
Grapple Teeth Upper (Qty)7911
Grapple Teeh Lower (Qty)81012
3000# Hydraulic Cylinders (Qty)222
Steel Construction of TeethHigh StrengthHigh StrengthHigh Strength