Caterpillar 304E

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If you need to rent a Mini Excavator that is in between the John Deere 35D mini excavator rental, and the John Deere 50D then the latest model Cat mini excavator rental –¬† Caterpillar 304 E Mini Excavator is the right machine. It’s width is closer to the 50D and maximum digging depth of over 10 feet and digging reach of more than17 feet make it a great mini hoe for your commercial or residential projects.
Power: The Cat 304 E high drawbar pull (pulling force) delivers plenty of power for backfilling trenches or transporting materials.
Compact: The Cat 304 E independent-swing boom and 360-degree rotation allows you to work in areas where shovels used to be the only option.
Visibility: The Cat 304 E unobstructed visibility provides you with increased productivity and safety.
Versatile: With multiple attachment options, the Caterpillar 304 E mini excavator is an extremely flexible tool.

What can you do with a Cat 304 E Mini Excavator rental?

  • Tear down a house
  • Dig up sewage pipes or electrical conduit
  • Break up concrete with the hammer attachment
  • Backfill trenches
  • Dig trenches
  • Prepare grounds for landscaping
  • Remove debris from construction sites
  • Fence pole installation
  • Plant trees
  • Remove stumps
  • Load sand and gravel
  • Brush Cutting

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