Receiving and ending equipment rental

Yes, all rental durations are estimations and you must call or email us to let us know when you are finished with your heavy equipment rental. If you exceed the estimated rental duration and do not call us to let us know that you are finished with the machine, you will be charged for all additional days that the machine was on your site.
It’s very simple. As soon as you’re done with your rental equipment, call or text one of our administrators to close your rental period. Make sure that you’ve refilled the fuel gauge to the same amount it was at prior to your usage, and that the machine is clean and free from any compiled residue from your previous job. Lastly, take the same pictures as you did before your rental and send them over to us to confirm that everything is in the same condition. Then, just leave the keys out of sight or under the mat so that one of our staff members can pick up the heavy equipment.
As soon as your rental is delivered, we recommend taking photos of the exterior and cab for your records. Check out our tutorial video on how to take these photos before you start operating your equipment. Then, go ahead and use the rental.
It depends on where your job site is. In most cases, we can deliver any heavy duty machine throughout Texas on the same day or next day. If your project site happens to be further into the interior of BC, or on one of the islands near Texas, we can provide you with an estimate for when your delivery should arrive.