Timing and duration of rental period

It is usually no problem if you continue to use your rental for longer than you anticipated, as we will only come to pick up the rental equipment when you call or email to let us know that are finished with the rental. If your rental equipment is long overdue, our team may follow up with you to check in and make sure you are still in need of the equipment.
Yes, you do get charged for the weekend, the machine is on rent until it is returned or called off. That being said, our one-week rental is a seven day period, and usually is the same price as 3-4 individual days at the daily rate. Often times, it's cheaper to keep the machine at the full week rate instead of being charged the daily rate and doubling the delivery and pickup charges.
If you exceed the rental durations per day, then you will be charged for all additional time that was used on the machine. However, if you rent a machine for a week you can use the 40 hours up anytime within that period, and you will only be charged for additional days if you exceed 40 hours.
Our machine rental rates operate on an eight-hour workday. So eight hours per day, 40 hours per week, and 160 hours per month. All machines come with a digital display that shows how many hours have been used on the machine. Make sure you record the hours when you receive the machine and record them again when you have finished your project.