Avoid Work Issues with A Professional Equipment Operator

Professional Equipment Operator

Avoid Work Issues with A Professional Equipment Operator

During film production in Texas, film crews often change the scenery to suit the scene. So there may be a need for certain heavy equipment or a material handler machines to move heavy objects about, carry and dump loads, or even just show an excavator or backhoe performing work in the background of the movie. For film crews, there won’t usually be a person on staff who has the skills or the driver training to operate this heavy equipment.  If you are in a bind and trying to meet production deadlines, consider hiring a professional equipment operator when renting heavy equipment.

Benefits to Having Professional Equipment Operators in the Film Industry

British Columbia rental companies can provide an experienced front end loader operator, mini excavator operator or dump truck driver to operate the vehicle during the rental contract terms. Every operator goes through extensive training programs and courses to receive their operator certificate.

Due to having equipment training, the operator can more easily fulfill tasks for the film crew in a safe and efficient manner. They have the essential skills to perform inspections of the equipment before it is put into use to check for any problems that could impact the production shoot.

In addition, their heavy equipment operator training allows them to respond faster if any work issues do arise. If the heavy equipment starts to slide or malfunction while in use, the skid steer operator or excavator operator understands what they have to do to regain control of the machine. They can move the equipment to a place from the film crew, identify the problem, and come up with a solution to get the equipment back to operating capacity. This benefit can help your crew avoid long film production delays.

Qualified workers with experience in the construction trades can also quickly create outdoor scenes and tear down location props in Texas. A professional equipment operator understands how to build and demolish sets so that the field operations work can be completed based on filming specifications. Then everything can be torn down in the safest manner possible for crew workers. The equipment operators can place the materials in dump trucks to be hauled off to the landfill and recycling center, or back to the film production company to be reused in other movies.

Lastly, hiring the professional equipment operator from a heavy equipment rental company can help save labour costs. You won’t have to hire the professional operator on a permanent or temporary basis. The hourly rate for the operator is combined into the equipment rental rate. So there are no hidden fees or expenses that you will have to pay to get an experienced professional into the driver’s seat.

Professional Equipment Operators for Machine Operations

Film crews can obtain many benefits when obtaining a professional equipment operator from a heavy equipment rental company. Here at Rent1, we have operators who can use mini excavators, excavators, compact track loaders, skid steers, dozers, cranes, rollers and graders. We also provide operators who can handle specific types of work such as home building and renovation, landscaping, site preparation and many other projects.

When you are looking for the rental equipment and operators who can get the Texas job done, contact Rent1. Speak with our reps today to receive 50% off of your equipment delivery fee when booking a construction equipment with an operator.