Caterpillar 416F

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The Caterpillar 416F is a fantastic backhoe loader for small to medium construction jobs. It’s a versatile machine that has a dig depth of 14.3 feet and an e-stick dig depth of 17.9 feet. With its dig force of 12973 lbs, this backhoe is an asset to have on any work site. Superior operator comfort, fuel efficiency and multi-purpose performance abilities ensure optimal job site productivity.  Call Rent1 at 604 265 5767 to reserve your machine today.



Net Power - SAE J134987.0 hp
Engine Model (Standard)Cat® C4.4 ACERT™ DIT
Gross Power - SAE J199597.0 hp
Net Power - ISO 924988.0 hp
Gross Power - ISO 1439694.0 hp
Net Power - EEC 80/126988.0 hp
Bore4.13 in
Stroke5.0 in
Displacement268.0 in3
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm - EEC 80/126991.0 hp
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm - ISO 924991.0 hp
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm - SAE J134990.0 hp
Net Torque Rise @ 1400 rpm - Standard37.0 %
Net Peak Torque @ 1400 rpm - Standard - SAE J1349299.0 lb ft


Operating Weight - Maximum24251.0 lb
Operating Weight - Nominal14881.0 lb
Cab, ROPS/FOPS573.0 lb
Four Wheel Drive342.0 lb
Extendible Stick (no weights)659.0 lb
Air Conditioning86.0 lb
Counterweights (Option 1)255.0 lb
Counterweights (Option 2)530.0 lb
Counterweights (Option 3)1015.0 lb



Dig Depth - Standard14.3 ft
Dig Depth - E-Stick Retracted14.42 ft
Dig Depth - E-Stick Extended17.9 ft
Reach from Swing Pivot - Standard18.42 ft
Reach from Swing Pivot - E-Stick Retracted18.58 ft
Reach from Swing Pivot - E-Stick Extended21.83 ft
Bucket Rotation205.0 Degrees
Bucket Dig Force - Standard12973.0 lb
Bucket Dig Force - E-Stick Retracted12791.0 lb
Bucket Dig Force - E-Stick Extended12791.0 lb
Stick Dig Force - Standard7279.0 lb
Stick Dig Force - E-Stick Retracted7289.0 lb
Stick Dig Force - E-Stick Extended5350.0 lb
Loading Height - Standard11.9 ft
Loading Height - E-Stick Retracted11.74 ft
Loading Height - E-Stick Extended13.6 ft
Loading Reach - Standard6.0 ft
Loading Reach - E-Stick Retracted6.3 ft
Loading Reach - E-Stick Extended9.3 ft

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