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Quick Tillerâ„¢ Rotary Tiller Rental from Rent1

This tool is the perfect skid steer attachment rental for laying down a garden, food plot or seeding bed. The Quick tiller Rotary Tiller attachment rental breaks ground to 6 inches deep. This saves so much work in the long-term, as tilling the soil is the most labour intensive process of gardening and growing. Bi-directional rotation of the tillers pulverizes soil quickly and efficiently. Dual direct drive motors are easy to maintain, and the double-edge tines are durable. Rent1 makes sure that all our skid steer attachment rentals exceed maintenance standards. If it breaks down on a job, we will come and fix it ourselves.

The Quick Tillerâ„¢ Rotary Tiller from Rent1 is ideal for the following jobs:

  • Tills up to 6-inches deep in the soil.
  • Preparing strips of land for gardening
  • Laying down and tilling food plots
  • Creating a seeding bed.
  • Tilling long strips of land quickly and efficiently.

Features of the Quick Sweep Attachment Rental from Rent1

  • Bi-directional rotation allows for more efficient tilling.
  • Dual direct drive motors for easier maintenance
  • Replaceable double-edged tines
  • Adjustable depth shoes to control tilling depths
  • Standard flow or high flow

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Working Width79"91"
Tilling Width63" @ 25 degrees77" @ 25 degrees
Tilling Depthman 25 degree/opt. hyd.man 25 degree/opt. hyd.
Overall heighthyd. motor direct drivehyd. motor direct drive
# of Tines13-24 GPM13-24 GPM
Tine Rotation32"32"
Weight33 zig-zag, 2 straight40 zig-zag, 2 straight
Drive Lineuniversaluniversal
Hydrow Flow Needed (gpm)790#850#
Hydro Pressure needed (PSI)715#775#