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    The John Deere 85G excavator rental brings high performance for your earthmoving, landscaping, or material handling job. If you need to rent the newest John Deere Mini Excavator with more digging reach and power than the John Deere 60G Mini Excavator rental, then the compact and powerful John Deere 85G Mini Excavator is a great choice. Enjoy professional service and high-quality work when you order an excavator with an operator from Rent1.

    With an operating weight of 8,729kg (19,244 lb.), this machine produces a high net power (42.4 kW / 56.9 hp) in a mid-sized frame. The 85G has a maximum digging depth of 14’10” and a maximum digging reach of 25’3”, making it a versatile tool for commercial or residential landscaping, construction, and dirt moving projects.

    Power: The 85G’s high drawbar pull (pulling force) delivers plenty of power for backfilling trenches or transporting materials. Take advantage of the ground-line over-front lift capacity (3.0m radius) of 2,577kg (5,682 lb.) and use this mid-size hydraulic excavator to get your earthmoving job done fast.

    Compact: The 85G’s independent-swing boom, 360-degree rotation, and maximum digging depth of 14’10” allows you to dig trenches, complete lawn and garden projects, install fence posts, or plant trees in areas where shovels used to be the only option.

    Visibility: The 85G’s unobstructed visibility provides you with increased productivity and safety—vital when operating heavy equipment for your construction and landscaping projects

    Versatile: With multiple attachment options such as digging buckets, ditch clearing buckets, and hammer attachments, the John Deere 85G excavator is an extremely popular heavy equipment industry solution for most landscaping, trench digging, dump truck loading, and material handling jobs.


    John Deere 85G


    Digging Depth

    14’10” (4.51m)

    Digging Reach

    25’3” (7.7m)


    8,729 kg (19,244 lbs.)

    Overall Width

    7’3” (2.2m)

    Horse Power

    56.9 hp (42.4 kW) @ 2,000rpm

    Lift Capacity

    2,595 (5,720 lbs.)


    What can you do with a

    John Deere 85G Excavator rental?

    • Tear down a small structure or garage
    • Break up concrete with the hammer attachment
    • Dig trenches
    • Prepare grounds for landscaping
    • Remove debris and construction equipment
    • Plant trees
    • Load sand and gravel
    • Dig up sewage pipes or electrical conduit
    • Backfill trenches
    • Complete lawn and garden work
    • Rough grading
    • Install fence polls
    • Remove stumps
    • Brush Cutting


    Q. How much time until my excavator rental is delivered?

    It depends on where your job site is. In most cases, we can deliver any machine throughout Texas on the same day or next day. If your project site happens to be further into the interior of BC, or on one of the islands near Texas, we can provide you with an estimate for when your rental delivery should arrive.

    Q. What should I do when I receive my rental?

    As soon as your John Deere 85G rental is delivered, we recommend taking photos of the exterior and cab for your records. Check out our tutorial video on how to take these photos before you start operating your equipment.

    Q. What should I do if I accidently damage the machine?

    If you happen to damage any of the machinery, it’s important that you take pictures of the damages right away. If the damages seem extreme or prevent the machinery from functioning normally, avoid further use. Above everything else, your safety is top priority. Then report the damages by contacting us at 604-359-6057. At Rent1, we appreciate your honesty. If you preemptively report damages that require repairs, we’ll waive off the rental fee for any additional days needed while the machinery is being repaired. For more details, check out our video tutorial on how to report damages.

    We provide quick delivery on all skid steer loader rentals, excavator rentals, compact excavator and mini excavator rentals, and compact track loader rentals throughout Texas. See our delivery rates and our daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for more details.

    Don’t know how to operate a hydraulic excavator? Take advantage of our Rent1 safety training program! Learn about the uDig Experience to get proper safety training for operating heavy construction rental equipment and landscaping rental equipment.


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    Overall Width

    7’3” (2.2m)