Film Crews Find Benefits with Utility Vehicles

Film Crews Vehicles

Film Crews Find Benefits with Utility Vehicles

Film crews can be large or small operations that are hired by production companies to create movies, documentaries, or TV shoots. They may also provide video services to residential or commercial customers for a variety of projects. Moving crew personnel, transporting equipment and performing recordings may require the use of utility vehicles that can handle all types of terrain and travel the necessary distance to keep the film production schedule running smoothly. If you are part of the film crew who is in charge of supplying the right type of transportation services, here are several reasons why utility vehicles can benefit your film team.

Loading and Transporting Materials

The main use of utility vehicles will be to transport cameras, boom mics, lighting and other equipment when producing movies at varying film locations. The back seats of the utility vehicle can be folded down to provide more room for equipment.

For items and machines that are too bulky to place into the vehicle, or to transport delicate props and costumes that you don’t want to become damaged, a utility vehicle can tow a small trailer to the specified location. Most UTVs, and crossover UTVs have four-wheel drive, so that you can navigate over rough terrain without worry.

Transporting People

Some locations may be too far out for people to walk. In addition, there could be rough terrain that can be hard on the feet.

Film crews can load and transport people to the location in a faster manner, helping to speed up film production deadlines. When an actor or actress is finished with their part in the film, they can be transported back to their trailers quickly without having to wait for everyone else to leave all at once at the end of the day.

Catering Vehicles

Film production can start early in the morning and last throughout the night. However, film workers can start to get hungry after the 20th or 30th take for certain film scenes. You can keep your crew well-fed by using a utility vehicle to bring the food to the specified filming location.

Using the utility vehicle as a catering truck is ideal when filming in remote locations where it would take too long to travel to the nearest eating establishment and then back to the film location. The utility vehicle can get hot food to the film crew and take away any trash to keep the film location tidy.

Create Moving Recordings

Movies and videos may have moving scenes or chase scenes where the video, lighting and sound equipment has to keep up with moving actors. Filming equipment on wheels may be used for scenes on flat surfaces or when traveling at slower paces. Yet for faster scenes or when the ground is uneven or bumpy, film crews rely on utility vehicles. The suspension system of utility vehicles can help to keep the camera stable while going over bumpy terrain.

Renting the Right Equipment for Your Film Production Crew

Small and large film crews will invest their budgets into owning the best film equipment to provide superior movies, films and documentaries. When you are looking for utility vehicles for certain film production work, come to Rent1. We provide rental UTV and XUV vehicles for film crews in the Texas and Langley areas of British Columbia. Get to the desired film shoot anytime no matter the ground location. We will deliver the utility vehicle anywhere in the Lower Mainland and pick it up when you are finished with your film work.

For more information on the types of UTVs and XUVs that we have available for rent, as well as to obtain rental pricing, contact Rent1 today. Also, you can use our convenient online purchasing option to quickly rent your utility vehicle, or find other equipment such as skid steers, wheel loaders, compact track loaders, and articulated dump trucks.