Sustainable Development Best Practices for 2019

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Sustainable Development Best Practices for 2019

Sustainability in development projects is an over-reaching initiative that impacts numerous industries such as construction, heavy equipment rentals, landscaping, demolition, forestry and even tourism. It involves focusing time, work and resources toward making greener communities that are long-lasting and will increase economic growth.

In 2019, many companies, local governments and federal agencies will be looking for sustainable development practices that will wisely preserve the natural resources in the area, help to reduce emissions, and address climate change in British Columbia to promote a better way of life for future generations. Check out the following strategies that people can expect to see in the construction and development industries as these sectors turn to more green innovations.

Deconstruction and Material Recycling

Demolition has moved past the old “smash everything and take it to the dump” activities. Now, construction businesses are focused on deconstruction of buildings. Deconstruction involves taking apart buildings more carefully to preserve as much of the materials as possible. These salvaged materials can then be either recycled, or used in the construction of new residential housing throughout Texas.

Emissions Reduction

Site emission regulations require that contractors and developers maintain and use equipment so that the machine’s emissions do not go over set limits. Electric powered machines are helping these industries meet sustainability strategies by using renewable energy.

This method helps to lower the amount of emissions on jobsites, especially in confined spaces that can impact the health of construction workers. In addition, emission reduction strategies also help to lower fuel consumption and costs.

Creation of More Green Spaces in City Neighborhoods.

Developers are keeping in mind that, during the construction of large commercial buildings, it is important to leave room for green spaces. As city space is filled up with more buildings, green spaces such as parks, meadows, wetlands, and even sports fields help to reduce air pollution and city noise while moderating temperatures that create urban heat islands.

With help from contractors, developers and landscapers, neighborhoods in Texas can lower greenhouse gases and improve air quality with more green spaces added during development projects.

Local Material and Equipment Procurement

To meet sustainability goals, developers and contractors are looking to source building materials and heavy equipment from more local sources. The costs of transporting materials and equipment from distant locations increases fuel consumption, which leads to more of a negative impact to the environment.

Turning to local building material companies, or obtaining heavy equipment rentals from local companies, can offset costs as well as fuel waste to provide a more sustainable development practices.

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