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Spreading Soil with a Skid Steer

In the late 1830s, John Deere was a highly regarded blacksmith in Grand Detour, Illinois. He knew his business, finished work on time, and charged fair prices. Deere also was incessantly observant. Once he figured out how to solve a pain point for local farmers – machine a plow that would last – his business took off. By 1842, he had built and sold hundreds of plows, and had begun customizing them for different customers as needed. That tradition continues today. Every John Deere Skid Steer loader or other pieces of heavy machinery can be custom-ordered with more than 100 optional accessories. These include attachments like snowplow attachments, different bucket sizes, angle brooms, utility grapples, rotary tillers, augers, pallet forks, rollers, and many more. Few pieces of heavy machinery can be as productive and versatile. Today, it is a go-to machine for many industries and jobs, from farming, agriculture, landscaping, and construction – and John Deere is the industry leader in all regards. (more…)


John Deere 35G Controls and How to Use Them

Congratulations! You are now an owner or operator of one of the most versatile, capable, and cost-efficient excavators in the world – the John Deere 35G mini excavator. Designed and built with you in mind, the 35G can be used in many industries – construction, agriculture, lawn care – and excels in many tasks: digging, excavating, removing debris, and spreading soil, just to name a few. With more than 100 optional accessories, the John Deere 35G can get the job done, no matter what.

If you are familiar with John Deere machinery, then you have a leg-up on the competition because you understand 35G controls and how to use them. If you have never operated a 35G or other John Deere products, the learning curve is not significant. It is your responsibility to understand the control systems from beginning to end, and you are strongly encouraged to read through all manufacturer-supplied operator and maintenance manuals. John Deere also offers a controls simulation program for further reference. As the industry leader in heavy machinery, John Deere has achieved its position through best-in-class products and services. In addition to the documentation provided, the company offers an extensive service and support program. For specific questions about your 35G excavator controls, you also may the John Deere Product Training website, where you can learn about learning opportunities through John Deere University (a web-based learning program available 24/7), Operator Training, and customized Instructor Led Training curriculum. (more…)