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How Much Do Excavator Operators Earn for a Living?

For people who love working with heavy machinery in the great outdoors, a career as an excavator equipment operator may be to your calling. An excavator operator handles excavator equipment for commercial and industrial use, or will rent out their services to residential homeowners who need the experience of an operator to perform small jobs on their properties. Here at Rent1, we are a heavy equipment rental company that provides excavators, skid steers and other machinery for commercial, industrial and residential clients. We offer over 60 rental machines that are practically brand new as we sell off our old equipment after a few hundred hours of use (or less). On occasion, we are contacted by people wondering how to become an excavator operator as they are curious to learn how much they could make as their hourly and yearly salary. If you have been wondering what an excavator operator can make in Canada, here is some helpful information to use. You can learn how much an excavator operator can earn in Canada, the required experience, and the types of tasks that they may have to perform. (more…)