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    Dieci Apollo 26.6, a brand new telehandler, offers a maximum flow rate of 2500 kg and a max lifting height of 5.78m.

    It’s the best-fitted fixed boom telehandler for all types of construction and industry work. It offers excellent features, specs, and high versatility.

    Not only that, being a mini handler, it offers efficiency, convenience, and multifunctionality, helping you carry out a wide range of tasks, including lifting, aerial work platforms, and moving earth from spot to spot.

    You’ll find the Dieci Apollo perfect for the job, as it is equipped with two rear working lights, two front lights, and front glass protection, which can be easily removed with four bolts. Its tires are a comfortable 16.5 inches and can also extend to 18 inches. 

    In this model, the boom head is towards the front for better impact resistance. And the boom cylinder is oversized for more breakout force. 

    Plus, you get a functional heavy-duty tool carrier, and a hydraulic quick attach with two pins at each side for more power.

    In other words, this model is the perfect telehandler for the job.

    Power: With the Dieci Apollo 26.6’s bucket load overload system, the operator gets the best of both worlds: total capacity and total security at once. And enjoys its powerful boom guide for more side impact resistance.

    Efficiency: This machine offers a unique feature: flow sharing. Meaning you can manage three actions simultaneously, including lifting, extracting, and tilting the boom—all powered by a 75 horsepower engine.

    Visibility: Enjoy the low-profile engine hood for better visibility.

    Versatile: All its parts are easy to reach and maintain. It is perfect for a wide array of tasks in the heavy-duty industry. 


    Dieci Apollo 26.6


    Operating Weight

    5000 kg (11023 lb)

    Horse Power

    55 kW (74 HP)

    Max Forward Speed

    30 km/h (18,6 mph)

    Overall Width

    1850 mm (72,8 in)

    Load Body Width

    1850 mm (72,8 in)

    Max Payload

    5,68 m


    What can you do with a

    Dieci Apollo 26.6 Teleloader and Telehandler Rentals?

    • Agriculture tasks like harvesting and moving hay bales
    • Picking up goods and transporting them
    • Hoist heavy loads of products, produce, and more.


    Q. How much time until my rental is delivered?

    It depends on where your job site is. In most cases, we can deliver any machine throughout Texas on the same day or next day. If your project site happens to be further into the interior of BC, or on one of the islands near Texas, we can provide you with an estimate for when your delivery should arrive.

    Q. What’s the advantage of renting a teleloader over renting a regular wheel loader?

    Teleloaders and telehandlers generally have a much higher reach than a standard wheel loader. For many job sites, a teleloader will serve the same function as a wheel loader (or even an excavator), however if your project requires working at great heights, we recommend a telehandler.

    Q. What kind of insurance do I need for my teleloader/telehandler rental?

    Heavy equipment insurance is required on all rental products, no matter where they come from. Get a hold of your insurance provider and let them know you need heavy equipment insurance, which is sometimes called contractor equipment insurance, or fleet-truck insurance. Tell them that you’re renting a teleloader and let them know how long you’re renting it for. They will likely be able to create a policy for you right away, or they can usually recommend a heavy equipment insurance provider in your area.

    We provide quick delivery on all skid steer loader rentals, excavator rentals, compact excavator and mini excavator rentals, and compact track loader rentals throughout Texas. See our delivery rates and our daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for more details.

    Don’t know how to operate a teleloader? Take advantage of our Rent1 safety training program! Learn about the uDig Experience to get proper safety training for operating heavy construction rental equipment and landscaping rental equipment.


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