Work Smarter, Not Harder — Earthmoving Equipment Provides Fast, Quality Work


Work Smarter, Not Harder — Earthmoving Equipment Provides Fast, Quality Work

Small and large building construction, oil and gas refineries, landscaping, and civil engineering projects in Texas may require moving large amounts of earth, rock, gravel, sand, clay and other materials. For these development projects, manual labor can increase both time and costs for companies. Instead, earthmoving equipment rentals are the easiest, quick and safe solution.

Manual Labor Leads to Inefficiencies

While workers strive to manually complete the project based on your specifications, budget and deadlines, sometimes the job is simply too big and cumbersome. Manual labor and heavy lifting takes up time to complete, as workers can only carry a certain amount of materials in buckets, wheelbarrows and bins.

In addition, some earthmoving projects can simply be too dangerous for workers. If workers are inside a trench that doesn’t have the walls adequately supported, workers could end up becoming buried in earth and mud. Workers can also get into accidents when performing material handling work in confined spaces.

Lastly, workers require adequate breaks when performing labor-intensive jobs. The longer that workers labor at the material handling task, the less quality they will give due to the physical and mental stress they experience.

Improve Productivity with Rental Earthmoving Equipment

Texas and Burnaby companies can transport the materials where they need to go more efficiently with earthmoving equipment. Renting a skid steer, excavator, mini excavators, compact track loader and dump truck allows you to move large amounts of materials all at once to specified locations or off the site to disposal areas.

Even for small jobs, rented earthmoving equipment can make the job easier. For work that would require a 5-person to 6-person crew to complete manually may only need the excavator, dump truck and equipment operators. This setup allows you to place workers in other areas of the job site to boost productivity and provide better craftsmanship to the project.

Saving Costs with Heavy Construction Machine Rentals

The biggest brands of earthmoving equipment are available from rental companies. So you have access to the latest technologies and a range of different heavy machines. You can pick out the machine that is best suited for your trade service and then bundle the rental rate into your project bid to increase profits. In addition, the costs of renting the equipment for jobs may be a better match to your budget. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, upkeep or storage of the equipment. Instead, just specify when you need the machines, and the rental company will accommodate you with fast delivery services to any location in Texas and Burnaby.

Getting the Right Equipment from Rent1

Rent1 has the newest fleet in the industry with 60 earthmoving machines available, including backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, crawler excavators, track loaders, dump trucks, and more. We provide guaranteed, lowest rental prices as well as professional operators for hire who have received comprehensive training. When you are looking for a way to move materials in a safe and efficient manner, switch from manual labour over to rental equipment machines. Learn more about what machines we have available, our rental rates, and our delivery services by contacting us today.