DIY Zombie Removal: How to incapacitate a Zombie

DIY Zombie Removal: How to incapacitate a Zombie

Are the zombies on Halloween night taking over the neighbourhood, leaving no room for the trick-or-treators, and driving you crazy? Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a zombie free Halloween.

1. Catch your zombies:

The first thing you need to do is round up and collect your zombies.  You want to ensure they do not bite, as this may turn you into one too.  The best thing to do is lock them up while you prepare their graveyards.

2. Rent an excavator:

Next you need to rent an excavator to dig large holes to put your zombies in.  You could use a shovel but an excavator will be much more efficient.  You can rent the John Deere 27d mini excavator if you choose to put one or two zombies per grave.  If you have less time and more zombies, you may want to dig a larger communal graveyard rather than several smaller ones.  For the bigger holes you should choose to rent the larger CASE CX210B excavator, as this machine has a larger bucket capacity and a longer reach and digging depth. Make sure you dig at least 6 feet down to ensure the zombies can’t escape. You may even need to dig a bit deeper if they are aggressive.

To avoid being bitten by the zombies, it is recommended to use your excavator bucket to pick them up and place them in the grave.  Because of this you may need to rent an excavator with a hydraulic thumb.  The Komatsu PC 228 USLC with hydraulic thumb may be a better choice in this case.

3. Place your zombies in the grave:

Once you have dug out your grave(s) you can now put your zombies in and cover them up as fast as you can with the left over dirt.  Use the excavator rental to pat down the dirt to make sure it is solid. It may also be useful to rent a skid steer or compact track loader for this job as you will fit several more zombies in the oversized bucket of the skid steer or compact track loader rental.
Rent a skid steer or compact track loader now!

Now there will be more room for the kids in the neighbourhood to go trick-or-treating.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!!