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How Wide is the 35 G & How to Fit it in Your Yard

Founded in Grand Detour, Illinois in 1837, John Deere is an American success story like few others. With its rich history of product development and innovation, the company has long been a valuable partner to those who cultivate, harvest, and build upon the land. Today, its machinery is a must-have across many industries: Lawn & garden, agriculture, construction, landscaping & grounds care, golf & sports turf, forestry, the military, and others. One of its most successful product lines are excavators, perhaps none more so than a model introduced in 2013 – the 35G compact excavator. Small, nimble, and easy to operate, it is invaluable for commercial and residential use.



How to Use Video Content to Promote Your Construction Business


For better or worse the moving image has emerged triumphant when it comes to storytelling, news and marketing. Give people a choice between reading the news and having it read by a talking head and they’ll take the talking head 9 times out of 10. Give them a choice between reading a book that might take them weeks or watching the 2 hour movie based on that book and they’re heading to the multiplex every time. By the same token if you have a construction company to promote you’re going to attract more attention with a promotional video than you will with a print ad. (more…)


How to Hire the Best Operators and Where to Find Them

If you’re a construction contractor you’re faced with a slew of decisions on a daily basis, many of which will have a major impact on your company’s short and long term prospects. One of these is whether you’d be better off buying or renting your heavy equipment and another is who you’re going to get to operate that equipment regardless of where it comes from. While today’s heavy equipment is more technologically advanced and capable than ever before it’s also very much like a race car in that what you ultimately get out of it will depend on who you place in control of it. Trying to find highly-qualified, highly-motivated, talented, dependable operators can be like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. But find them you must. (more…)

How to Replace Your Lawn in One Weekend

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Let’s face it:

Your countless efforts to reseed, spread lime, aerate, and water your old ratty lawn just aren’t doing the trick. If you’ve exhausted these options and still don’t have a lawn that you’re proud of, it’s time to accept that your soil just isn’t workable. You want the kind of yard the turns heads when people drive by, but nothing about your patchy, weedy lawn is going to make that happen. Instead of sweating over your lawn for hours on end, waiting for a miracle to happen, just bite the bullet and replace it. The process really isn’t as big or expensive as you think. With the help of a mini excavator, your old lawn can be scraped and shipped away in a day’s work.

Are you tired of dreaming of the perfect lawn, and ready to do something about? If so, read this article so you know exactly what needs to be done. (more…)


How to Get Into the Field of Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs

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Last summer you worked with your brother in the warehouse he manages and had the opportunity to operate a couple of forks lifts. You unloaded trucks with them and even got into placing and retrieving pallets full of products from the racks. In the process you discovered a couple of things, 1) that you have a knack for operating this type of equipment and that 2) you really enjoy it as well. The whole experience left you wondering who hires heavy equipment operators for cranes, bulldozers, earth movers, excavatorsfront end loaders and more and how people go about securing heavy equipment operator jobs. (more…)


John Deere 17D mini excavator added to the RENT1 fleet of equipment rental

A new John Deere 17D rental machine marks the addition of another mini exacavator to the Rent1 fleet of equipment rentals. This is the only known rentable John Deere 17D with a hydraulic thumb in Texas. This mini excavator rental is used to get through small openings for doing landscaping work or digging trenches up to 7.1 feet deep. The track and machine width can retract to 3.3 feet with the widest stance being 4' 4" for maximum stability. To rent a John Deere 17D Mini Excavator, contact Rent1, your heavy equipment specialists.

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