Resolutions for the DIYer

Resolutions for the DIYer

For the most part, New Year’s resolutions end up scrapped by Spring. But if you’re an avid DIYer, just think of the resolutions as a “honey do” list. By keeping them relevant to your DIY agenda, you’ll cross every one of these resolutions off your list.

Save energy this year

Make your first resolution to increase your home’s energy efficiency:

  • Check your HVAC ductwork for leaks and loose connections.
  • Seal any flaws with mastic or metal-backed tape—never duct tape!
  • Seal points of connection with ducts such as registers and vents.
  • Finally, reinsulate the ductwork with fiberglass insulation.

By doing this yourself you stand to save up to $3,000 on labor and more than $200 every year in power bills.

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Breathe more easily in 2016

Indoor air quality is a bigger problem than most people believe. Dust, viruses, mold, pollen, and other contaminants can negatively impact your health and quality of life. DIY an indoor air quality solution:

  • Always maintain your HVAC system and change your filters every month.
  • Only burn real firewood inside; pressed wood products can contain dangerous ingredients including formaldehyde.
  • Use the best filters you can afford, and even if you use those intended for more than one month, consider changing them every month during peak heating and cooling seasons.
  • Maintain your ventilation systems, especially in the kitchen. Route exhaust outside.
  • When you work on projects at home use only low-VOC paints; when you must use products that emit fumes, go outside or into a well-ventilated workspace.
  • Use a portable air cleaner like an electrostatic precipitator, ion generator, mechanical air filter, or ultraviolet lamp.

Fireproof your home from the outside in

If you have old landscaping or brush that’s dry your home is sandwiched in between kindling. Clear that kind of brush, debris or landscaping that’s past its prime with a mini-excavator and start fresh.

Keep your home well-hydrated

You already know that you need to drink a lot of water each day to improve your health. Your home is probably thirsty too! Save water this year by DIYing:

  • Install WaterSense products to reduce your water bill and resist waste.
  • Install low-flow showerheads in minutes to save water while still getting a high-pressure shower.
  • Install low-flow toilets to make sure you’re using less than one gallon of water per flush instead of up to eight.

Get smart about storage

Find a place for everything and everything will fall into place. Make the most of hallways by installing high shelves in them, and never let space under stairs, above the ceiling, or in between studs go to waste. Install pull outs for your larger cabinets to make sure all of your existing storage space is used, and take this chance to redo your closets.

Don’t let up!

Resolutions don’t have to be useless! As an avid DIYer you can create a checklist for the new year to keep you busy all year long. Your reward might be lower bills and more happiness for years to come.