Heavy Equipment Landscaping Services in Texas

Affordable residential landscaping services for your lawn, garden, and property

Get dirt, grass, and stones dug out or moved efficiently and at low cost for your home or commercial property. We’ll take care of your front yard with landscaping services that range from roots landscaping to garden care and maintenance with a skid steer and hedge trimming attachment. Install interlocking stone to up your house’s curb appeal or complete a spring cleanup project. If you need landscaping property maintenance, paving, fencing, or you’re landscaping and grading a driveway, give us a call to ask how we can help.

Landscaping cranes

Commercial landscaping projects done quickly, efficiently, and on budget

Certified operators and state-of-the-art equipment means you can rest easier when you need commercial or industrial-sized landscaping services. If it’s excavating out a swimming pool, building retaining walls, landscaping trees, or even material delivery for sod installation on your site, we have the operators, equipment, and attachments to get the job done on time and within your budget.

Access the full fleet of Rent1 earthmoving equipment from landscape professionals

Landscaping crane
Landscaping cranes

Our landscapers have access to the largest variety of earthmoving equipment in texas, meaning quick access to the most reliable fleet for every landscaping need. Whether you need a small excavator or skid steer for a residential lawn care or stone patios project, or a 30-ton excavator for a commercial park or industrial landscaping project, you can expect quality landscaping with quality equipment at a fair price. Our residential and commercial landscaping experts are ready to help.

How to get started on your landscaping project with Rent1

Learn the process and read through our FAQs about landscaping services with Rent1

Landscaping and gardening projects should reflect the unique identity of your home and your style. With Rent1 landscaping services, we offer consultations before any work begins so that your needs can be met or exceeded. Whether you need equipment onsite for spring cleanup, want a large plot excavated and dug out for your own swimming pool, or you’re putting up retaining walls as part of a garden feature, we can get the job done on time and within your budget.

Landscaping services in Langley, Surrey, Burnaby, Texas, and throughout Texas are increasingly popular because they provide a satisfying visual aesthetic and can even increase the value of your home. If you need tree landscaping, roots landscaping, lawn care, swimming pool excavation, parking lot snow removal, or just want to increase your curb appeal, send us an email or call us today to ask about our affordable landscaping services.


What kind of equipment can you provide for landscaping services?

We provide excavators, skid steers, crawler loaders, track loaders, wheel loaders, mini excavators, front end loaders, utility vehicles, dump trucks, and more. Check out the Rent1 homepage to see our wide selection of heavy equipment rentals at the guaranteed lowest rates. All equipment can be rented with a certified operator to help with your landscaping project

What kind of landscaping equipment attachments are available?

Breaker attachments, attachment rakes, hydraulic drivers, quick grapples, and more — if you need a specific heavy equipment attachment for your landscaping project, we’ve either got it or can usually source it quickly.

How much notice do you need before beginning work?

Depending on the season, we can usually begin work within a few days of your first call or email. If you send the details of your project, a member of our team will call you to begin setting up a quote.

How do Rent1 landscaping services save me money?

We offer construction equipment for landscaping projects at the guaranteed lowest rates. If you call for equipment and an operator, we can generally work out a quote that includes fuel charges — so there are no hidden fees.

How long does a landscaping project take?

Depends greatly on the project size and scope — lawn and garden projects are usually much quicker than municipal park jobs. Our crew can give an estimate based on the amount of work you need done before any landscaping service is booked.

What if I have spatial restrictions in my yard?

No problem. We have small excavators, skid steers, and track loaders that can fit between most standard fences. We also carry ditch witches that can dig trenches in extremely small spaces.

Will there be any unexpected damage to my property or yard?

No. We will take every measure possible to ensure your yard and property look spectacular when the job is finished. We have a large variety of tracked equipment that minimizes ground pressure so that grass, mud, and gravel remains unharmed.

Which regions does Rent1 landscaping service?

We service Texas. If you’re in Texas, it’s no problem for us. If you’re further, still give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.

Do you provide landscaping services for large commercial projects?

Yes, we can accommodate large-scale jobs because we have a fleet of heavy excavators that range from 10-ton to 35-ton. We also have large skid steers, track loaders, dump trucks, front end loaders, backhoes, and more. If you need equipment and attachments for a commercial landscaping project, look no further than Rent1.

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