Trenchless Waterline Replacement

A cheap and easy way to replace or repair your water line

Water line repairs and water line replacements have historically been an expensive and time-consuming process, requiring contractors and homeowners to dig and excavate in order to uncover pipe leaks or breaks. With the Rent1 trenchless water line replacement and waterline installation services, you can save time, cost, and cleanup work with trenchless plumbing and repair.

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Trenchless and plumbing solutions for any purpose


Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or managing a large property, Rent1 has the trenchless pipe replacement, pipe installation, and plumbing solution that you need to get the job done easily, and at a reduced price. Ask about trenchless pipe and trenchless drain solutions for pools, sewer pipe lining, clogged drains, leak detection, replacing existing pipes, frozen pipes, damaged pipes, and drain line cleaning.

How Does Trenchless Waterline Replacement Work?

Learn the process and read through our FAQs about trenchless waterline repairs and replacement

Trenchless waterline replacement and repair is an efficient and cost-effective way to repair or completely replace the water main line between the city and your property. Instead of the inconvenient digging and excavating that’s typically required to uncover pipes when completing water line replacement or water line repair jobs, trenchless waterline replacement requires only two holes — an entry pit and an exit pit — and specialized pull pipe (often called a mole) which is pulled through the ground with a large pointed installation head. This mole pushes through the dirt underground from the entry pit to the exit pit, and then a pipe is attached and pulled back through the hole to connect with the city’s water line.

Trenchless waterline repairs and replacements are quickly becoming an industry standard when you need new pipe installed, as they are an efficient and cost-effective alternative to standard digging and excavating waterline replacement. Homeowners, businesses, and property managers are looking for trenchless water pipe and trenchless drain solutions because they minimize any damage to the yard and don’t leave large exposed trenches that eventually need to be filled in. This not only saves the yard, it also saves time and cost when completing a damaged pipe repair or pipe replacement.


What if my property has retaining walls and/or lock blocks?

The trenchless repair and waterline replacement tools are specialized for nearly any landscaping application — even shooting beneath concrete retaining walls. This may mean we need to dig an extra hole, but our estimator will let you know what to expect when the work begins.

Do I risk damaging underground utilities with trenchless installation or repair?

Before any waterline replacement or line installation job can be completed, trenchless or with traditional digging and excavating, you or your contractor must contact BC One Call (BC1C online or 1-800-474-6886) to check before digging begins. BC One Call will provide maps with all underground utilities so that you can avoid damaging a sewer line, water line, or any electrical or underground cables.

How does trenchless waterline replacement save me money?

Instead of replacing or repairing damaged pipes with excavating and digging, leaving long trenches that take time to dig out and fill in again, trenchless waterline installation only requires an entry and exit pit, meaning two holes are usually all that’s needed. This saves costs by reducing the time, effort, and equipment it takes to complete a waterline replacement.

How long does a trenchless solution take?

Typically, trenchless plumbing jobs can be done in less than a day (barring any issues that occur unexpectedly). Contact our trenchless plumbing crew and we will come to your property to give you a free estimate on time and cost, including jobs where leak detection and drain repairs are required.

What kind of pipes will you use to replace the old system?

We use cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe for all underground water main installations and replacements. They are contemporary designs that are sturdier and more reliable than previous models such as blue poly.

Will there be any damage to my property or yard?

Only two holes need to be dug in order to completely replace your main water line. In order to find the hookup locations, we’ll need the property diagrams from BC One Call. This means that damages to your yard or property are minimized. Of course, any holes we dig to repair or replace your waterline with a trenchless solution will be filled in when the project is complete.

Which regions does Rent1 Trenchless Waterline Replacement service?

We offer trenchless waterline replacement in Texas. Contact us with your address and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer a 10-year limited warranty on all trenchless installation jobs.

How fast can you begin working?

Give us a call and we can provide an estimation of job start and end dates.

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