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How to Replace Your Lawn in One Weekend

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Let’s face it:

Your countless efforts to reseed, spread lime, aerate, and water your old ratty lawn just aren’t doing the trick. If you’ve exhausted these options and still don’t have a lawn that you’re proud of, it’s time to accept that your soil just isn’t workable. You want the kind of yard the turns heads when people drive by, but nothing about your patchy, weedy lawn is going to make that happen. Instead of sweating over your lawn for hours on end, waiting for a miracle to happen, just bite the bullet and replace it. The process really isn’t as big or expensive as you think. With the help of a mini excavator, your old lawn can be scraped and shipped away in a day’s work.

Are you tired of dreaming of the perfect lawn, and ready to do something about? If so, read this article so you know exactly what needs to be done. (more…)


A Guide to Renting Heavy Equipment and Avoiding Mistakes

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Heavy equipment rental is a phenomenon that has developed considerable legs. In the past decade the instances of companies renting rather than buying the construction equipment they need has gone through the roof. But why is that? The answer to that question is the same one that drives nearly all other business considerations: the bottom line. In short, many companies are no longer thrilled by the prospect of buying equipment and then letting it molder in the yard between projects. In their search for more cost-effective alternatives they cast their eye upon the rental landscape and see clear advantages that are hard to resist. (more…)

How to Get Into the Field of Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs

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Last summer you worked with your brother in the warehouse he manages and had the opportunity to operate a couple of forks lifts. You unloaded trucks with them and even got into placing and retrieving pallets full of products from the racks. In the process you discovered a couple of things, 1) that you have a knack for operating this type of equipment and that 2) you really enjoy it as well. The whole experience left you wondering who hires heavy equipment operators for cranes, bulldozers, earth movers, excavatorsfront end loaders and more and how people go about securing heavy equipment operator jobs. (more…)


Top Ten Uses for a Mini Excavator

If you have an old shed, garage, barn, or other structure that must be torn down, a mini excavator is a great time- and labor-saving tool. Without a mini excavator you are going to find yourself demolishing an entire building with cable or chains, a reciprocal saw, a sledge, a wrecking bar or pry bar, and a truck. (more…)