DIY Backyard Waterfall and Pond Design

DIY Backyard Waterfall and Pond Design

Do you have some backyard ideas that you want to execute but need a step by step guide as to how to do it? Here is a DIY guide to creating your own backyard waterfall and pond design.

1.     Choose a location in your yard

Make sure you strategically choose the location of your pond and waterfall design. Place it in a spot that can be viewed by many places in your yard and possibly from inside your home.

2.     Obtain a permit if needed

Check with your city hall if you need a permit for you waterfall design and pond idea. Some cities require a permit and if you do not obtain one before you start the job you can be fined.

3.     Make drawings of your favorite pond and waterfall ideas

Draw out your ideas for waterfall designs and pond designs and choose your favorite one.  Use the drawing for reference.

4.     Order supplies for your waterfall and pond design

You will need to purchase rock or stone for your waterfall design and a flexible pond and waterfall liner. You will also need a waterfall pump and foam spray. Most of these items are available at your local hardware store or specialty stores for backyard waterfalls and pond building. Choose some water plants or shrubs to go in and around your pond design. This will help to create a natural feel to your new backyard water feature. Choose whether or not you would like to purchase fish for your pond design.  Remember this creates more upkeep for your pond but also aids in the maintenance as fish eat algae and other unwanted growth in the water. You may need to expand the depth of your pond if you choose to have fish in it, as they will hibernate at the bottom during the winter months if the weather freezes the pond.

5.     Start Digging the lower basin of your pond design first

Depending on the size of your waterfall design or pond idea, you may need to rent an excavator for the job to save time and be more efficient. Excavators come in many sizes and no matter what magnitude your pond design is there is an excavator rental available. Select the size of excavator you need that fits your pond design best.

If you have a small pond design a John Deere 17G mini excavator rental is all you will need.  For medium to larger jobs where a longer digging depth and reach is needed, a larger Komatsu PC200LC-8 excavator rental may be best.

On larger scale jobs, the John Deere 27D or 35G mini excavator can work in smaller areas while the larger Komatsu PC200LC-8 excavator rental can take care of the big stuff.

If you have no experience working on an excavator you may need to hire an operator.

Dig out the lower part of your pond first.  This will allow for you to use the dirt from the pond to build up your staircase for the waterfall design.  You are essentially working on two things at once.

Rent an excavator now!

6.     Create the staircase for your waterfall design

Once your pond design is dug out and the mound of dirt from it has been placed where the staircase of your waterfall will be, you can shape the staircase to fit your drawings. First use the excavator rental to pat down the dirt to ensure it is a solid heap that you will be working with. Use the John Deere 17G excavator rental, a shovel or any type of tool that may be useful for shaping the waterfall staircase. Remember that the slope of your staircase only needs to be 2-4” higher than the pond for the water to trickle down. If a louder, faster moving stream is desired then you will need to build the staircase higher for a steeper slope.

7.     Cover the staircase and pond with liner

Next you need to cover the waterfall design and pond with a flexible liner. Cut out the liner to the desired shape and use your purchased stone and rocks to hide and cover the liner. The more natural looking the better so do not to make it too symmetrical. Then use the foam spray to fill in any gaps.

8.     Install waterfall pump

Read the directions that came with the pump that you purchased for specific instructions as to how to install your waterfall pump.

9.     Add water to your new pond and waterfall design

Turn on your pump and Enjoy!